Evidence of One’s Failure to Wear Seat Belt Now Admissible in Car-Accident Cases

For more than forty years, evidence of a plaintiff’s failure to use a seat belt has been inadmissible in car-accident cases. In February 2015, the Texas Supreme Court issued an opinion abandoning this rule in Nabors Well Services v. Romero. In a car-accident case, a jury is traditionally directed to determine the plaintiff’s and defendant’s percentage of responsibility for causing or contributing to the plaintiff’s injury. As a result of Romero, the jury can find that the plaintiff contributed to his injury by failing to wear a seat belt and assign the plaintiff a greater percentage of responsibility for his injury than would have otherwise been assigned if the seat-belt evidence was excluded. Moreover, a child-passenger who is injured in a car accident, along with the driver of the child-passenger, can both bear a percentage of responsibility if there is evidence that the child’s nonuse of a seat belt caused or contributed to the child’s injury. The greater the percentage of responsibility assigned to a plaintiff for contributing to his own injury, the less a plaintiff is entitled to recover from a defendant at trial.

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